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The National Apartment Association (NAA) and the Apartment Association of North Carolina (AANC) are excited to announce the integration of the AANC Lease forms product into NAA’s Click & Lease program, offering current AANC Lease users the best features of both products, including legal compliance and the same cutting-edge BlueMoon technology now with NAA's enhanced Litigation Defender Insurance available to all NAA Click & Lease users.

The NAA Click & Lease streamlines and simplifies the leasing process while reducing compliance risk and generating more leases faster than ever. The web-based platform uses customizable forms and integrates with all property management software. NAA Click & Lease also optimizes the application process for prospective residents, including e-signatures.

As an NAA member in North Carolina, when participating in Click and Lease you will have access to a number of features including:


Completely digital forms: Send lease forms to new residents as well as renewals to current ones – all online


Litigation defender insurance: Triggered if ever a plaintiff challenges a provision of the NAA Click & Lease form


Integration: The program is compatible with all PMS software


State and local form reviews: Our legal teams at the state and local levels review forms to ensure compliance and reduce risk

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Video: Overview of the North Carolina NAA Lease Contract

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