AAWNC Committees

Do you want to be more involved in the Apartment Association of Western North Carolina? Consider joining a committee and be a part of strategic planning in your favorite area of interest; have your voice and ideas heard!

Email us at info@aawnc.org for your invitation to the next meeting.

Committee Descriptions

Supplier Council

The AAWNC Supplier Council is open to all supplier members. The Council actively engages supplier members in various aspects of the association, encouraging participation in events and educational activities. Additionally, the Council is responsible for gathering feedback from supplier members to understand their needs and preferences within the association, aiming to support the growth of their businesses. The Supplier Council is charged with planning two key association events: the annual Supplier Showcase and the association’s Maintenance Appreciation event.

Co-Chair: Brian McCarthy -Affinity Waste Solutions
Co-Chair: Tina Baker - Apartments.com 
Co-Chair: Taylor Holley - Professionals Painting 

For more information on the Suppliers Council and how you can get involved, reach out to Info@AAWNC.org

Next Gen Committee

AAWNC's Next Gen committee charge is to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders by recruiting and integrating young professionals and newcomers within the last two years into our committee and association. Serving as an entry point, our committee provides a platform for individuals to immerse themselves in various committees, fostering an environment that inspires continued participation and growth within the association as they advance in their careers.

We are committed to injecting new and innovative ideas into the AAWNC, acting as catalysts for growth and adaptation alongside industry changes. By embracing creativity, we aim to contribute to the evolution of the board and association, ensuring relevance and success in a dynamic industry landscape.

Chair: Michelle Kingson
Co-chair: Anna Clary
Meetings:  First Wednesday of every month : Time is TBD based off of committee consensus

For more information on the Next Gen Committee and how you can get involved, reach out  to mkingson@pegasusresidential.com 

Membership Outreach Committee

AAWNC's Membership Outreach Committee is dedicated to three primary focuses: planning events, facilitating membership communication, and increasing PAC donations. The committee actively addresses the needs of existing members, engages in targeted marketing initiatives, collects contact information, and gathers feedback from events and classes to contribute to the future planning of education and events.

The committee is charged with helping our current members understand the value of membership. And promoting the growth and awareness of AAWNC at various local events within our market to prospective members.  

Kimberly Medearis
Co-Chair: Bethany Lykins
Co-Chair: Rachael Modlin
Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month at 10 am via Teams

For more information on the Membership Outreach Committee and how you can get involved, reach out to kimberly@ansleyatrobertslake.com 

Education Committee

AAWNC's Education Committee coordinates the scheduling of designation courses, maintenance certification classes, and research pertinent topics and speakers for seminars. Gather price quotes from instructors and venues and collaborate with the board of directors to determine costs. The Committee maintains the annual calendar for planning classes. Selects class speakers, finds venues, and helps with other logistical details. The Committee also seeks recommendations from members on their interests in future class ideas and speakers.

Eliza King
Meeting: The committee typically meets on the first of each month at 10am. 

For more information on the Education Committee and how you can get involved, reach out to Eliza at 

Government Affairs  Committee

AAWNC’s Government Affairs Committee is newly established and was launched in 2024. Its primary responsibility is to promote advocacy opportunities within Western Carolina, in collaboration with the Apartment Association of North Carolina and the national level NAA. The committee aims to enhance awareness among the membership regarding the contributions of these entities and to actively support industry initiatives. This includes responding to Legislative Calls to Action by keeping members informed about any pending legislative concerns throughout the year.


Additionally, the committee will play a key role in promoting the AANC Legislative & Education Conference in Raleigh and engaging in advocacy efforts in Washington D.C.

Chair: Alyssa Clair

For more information on the Education Committee and how you can get involved, reach out to info@aawnc.org