2024 AAWNC Board Nomination Form

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Nominations close on October 16, 2023
Nomination Form

Annual Meeting Information

The election of the three open Board of Director’s Seats will take place at the Annual Meeting on November 14, 2023. Nominations are open for each seat; nominations can be submitted via this form.

Board Nominations: 

  • Nominations must be submitted by a member of the association.
  • Only members can be nominated.
  • The AAWNC Board of Directors will review nominations.
  • Nominations must be in writing via this form

Before nominating a member, you should notify the member of your desire to nominate them and verify their interest. It is not a good practice to nominate people without their permission. Nominee email addresses are needed to complete the nominee form. 

Voting and Electing the Board 

  • All votes must be cast in person at the annual meeting. Please register to join us on November 14, 2023.
  • A quorum of 10% of the membership must be at the meeting in order for the vote to be valid.  
  • Companies/organizations are members, each member has only one vote. This means that four employees of one company cannot cast four votes, only one vote.
  • Votes will be conducted by secret ballot.

All Positions: Must be members of the association and in good standing. 

Board Responsibilities: 

Board members are expected to attend/participate in monthly meetings and membership events. Board members also help plan events, run the association, and volunteer where needed. Board members should have a passion for the association and the industry.

Board Positions: 

The board positions of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary will be appointed by the board at the December board meeting. 

Nomination Form

Voting by Proxy
  • Proxy votes are allowed only when authorized and executed in writing by a member to another member of the Association. Individuals cannot issue proxy votes to themselves.
  • All Proxies must to presented at the beginning of the meeting to Board Assigned Vote Counter.
  • Proxies must include a written statement authorizing the proxy and completed ballot.
  • Proxies may not be used when a Member is present, in person, at the annual meeting.