2023 Member Dues Letter

Association News,

Dear Member of the Apartment Association of Western North Carolina,

The 2023 membership dues will be invoiced to your property or company in January 2023. The payment should be remitted no later than March 31, 2023.

  • Owner/Operator dues will be a flat rate of $150 per property plus $2.90 per onsite unit.
  • Supplier members' annual dues will remain the flat rate of $200.

Membership with the Apartment Association of Western NC (AAWNC) encompasses membership with the Apartment Association of North Carolina (AANC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA).

AAWNC membership dues include the dues for the other Associations. For the past few years, AANC and NAA increased their dues for both owner and supplier members. However, this increase has been absorbed by AAWNC.

The AAWNC 2023 dues will increase for membership by fifteen cents per unit.

  • The base fee will remain at $150, while the per unit fee will increase to $2.90.

The Supplier Dues will also remain at the same rate of $200. AANC and NAA have scheduled dues increases for upcoming years, these increases will cause AAWNC to increase dues as needed. Any dues increases will be shared via email with all members. 

AAWNC will continue to host monthly meetings and events. Event costs will range from free socials and coffee chats to ticketed signature events. This year we are planning a property bus tour, additional education classes, and a mini supplier showcase. Visit AAWNC.org to see the planned 2023 events and classes. 

We are excited about AAWNC's future and your involvement is more important than ever to make the most of your association membership. Thank you for choosing to make AAWNC your association. 

AAWNC Board of Directors

Joel Nevarez
Past President
Michelle Kingson
Vice President
Bethany Lykins
Kelly Noble
Abby Polak
Supplier Partner
Eliza King
Owner/Operator Member
Kim Medearis
Owner/Operator Member