2020 Dues Letter

Posted By: Bryan Holladay Association News,

Re:  2020 Membership Dues


Dear Member of the Apartment Association of Western NC,

The 2020 dues will be invoiced to your property or company on January 1, 2020. The payment should be remitted no later than March 31, 2020. Owner/Operators dues will be a flat rate of $150 per property plus $2.75 per unit on site. For supplier members the annual dues will remain the flat rate of $200.

Membership with the Apartment Association of Western North Carolina (AAWNC) encompasses membership with the Apartment Association of North Carolina (AANC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA). AAWNC dues contains the due structure for the other Associations. This year AANC increased their Dues Fees, Lease Fees and Blue Moon License. This increase was absorbed through an AAWNC property base fee increase from $100 to $150. There is not a 2020 dues increase for Associate (suppliers) Members.

Owner/Operators Members who use Blue Moon through AANC will also experience a Licensing Fee increase from $300 per year to $350. Additionally, the Blue Moon Licensing Per Unit Fee will increase from $2.72 per unit to $2.87. For questions on Blue Moon Licensing and the AANC lease you can contact AANC’s Operations Manager Tracy Hankins: 919-589-9843 or tracy@aanconline.org.

The Apartment Association of Western NC will continue to host monthly meetings and events, event cost will range from free socials and coffee to ticketed signature events. Education and NAA Designation class will be offered throughout 2020 based on membership interest. For a full calendar list of events and class view the events page on the AAWNC.org website.

We are excited about the future of your association and your involvement is crucial. Thank you for your continued support and membership to the AAWNC.



AAWNC Board of Directors