2019 Annual Meeting Information

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Annual Meeting Information

The election for the Board of Directors will take place at the Annual Meeting on Nov 21st. You can register here:
Nominations are open for each position; nominations can be submitted via this email.


Board Nominations:

  • Nominations must be submitted by a Member.
  • Only Members in can be nominated.
  • The Board of Directors will review nominations.
  • Nominations must be in writing via email or mail (Please email!)
  • When nominating a member, you must include a position.
  • Before nominating a member, you should notify the member of your desire to nominate them and verify their interest. It is not a good practice to nominate people without their permission.
  • Cut and Paste the form below and send to a boardmember or to Bryan@cltpr.com
  • When nominating multiple members and positions just add additional rows as needed.


Voting and Electing the Board

  • All votes must be cast in person at the annual meeting. Please register: https://www.aawnc.org/events/
  • A quorum of 10% of membership must be at the meeting in order for the vote to be valid.  
  • Companies and organizations are members, each member has only one vote. 
  • Votes will be conducted by secret ballot – unless there is only one nomination for a position.  


Board Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasure
  • At-Large Associate
  • At- Large Owner/Operator (two positions)


Board Qualifications:

President: Persons serving as President must be from the Owner/Operator Membership or an Associate Member with at least 5 years of Owner/Operator experience. President must meet the qualifications having previously held another position on the board.

Vice President: Vice President must be from the Owner/Operator Membership or an Associate Member with at least 5 years of Owner/Operator experience.

All Positions: Must be members of the Association in good standing.


Board Responsibilities:

The term is for one year. Board members are expected to attend/participate in monthly meetings and membership events. Board members also help plan events, run the association and volunteer where needed. Board members should have a passion for the Association and the Industry.

 Email Nominations Form:

Nominating Member (Your Name):

Nominating Member Company:

Person Being Nomination:

Position of Nomination:

Nomination Contact Email:

 Email Nominations to Bryan@CLTPR.com.  

2020 Nominations

At-Large Associate

Adam Franks


Linda Campbell

At-Large Associate

Abby Polak

At-Large Associate

Hannah West


Bethany Lykins

At-Large Property

Michelle Willis

Vice President

Jessica Kiser

Vice President

Stacey Griffin


Kelly Noble

At-Large Associate

Lori Lacy


Kendra Bee


Leah Parker

*This list will be updated as Nominees confirm their Nominations.