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Junk Recyclers Inc/The Regeneration Station

26 Glendale Avenue
Asheville, NC 28803
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Company Overview

The greenest, most affordable disposal service in Asheville, Junk Recyclers can haul it all—from yard waste to hot tubs—and we’ll be the most affordable. Call us to schedule a pickup—which could be the very next day. We know you want your home de-cluttered and your space back, so we like to keep things quick and simple.

We GUARANTEE that we’ll be 10% – 50% more affordable than any other junk removal service out there. And if we’re not? Tell us whose prices are lower and we’ll beat’em.

80% of what we pick up is reused, repurposed or recycled. We use biodiesel fuel in both of our diesel trucks, and minimize travel time based on the fastest routes between jobs. One of our major goals is to DIVERT 'waste' AWAY from the landfill to preserve our planet.
Discounts and Affordable Removal

See our VOLUME BASED price chart here:
Phillip Stoltz Junk Recyclers Inc Manager
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